Tips on How to Overcome Dental Phobias and Fear

An estimated 80% of the world’s populations are afraid of the dentist. In some cases, you will find that for the most part, people do not go for regular check ups to maintain their gums and teeth; this is because they may be afraid and lack the courage to come face-to-face with the dentist.

Fear can definitely turn into phobia if you don’t respond to it; you must change your way of life and face it in order to thwart it and not allow for it to escalate. A phobia is an intense or absurd fear that is aroused by a specific object or situation, and can be heightened to a level where your life is restricted.
Fear of the unknown
Many individuals are genuinely terrified by the name dentist, the word (injection) or the very chair itself. In order to deal with this kind of fear, doctors should first sit with their client and talk with them and if possible give them testimonies of individuals who they have dealt with in the past that have battled similar fears.

While talking to the client in the office the dentist should also make sure to leave the door to the room wide open as this may help the patient to deal with any claustrophobic fears. This is a simple technique, but can reduce in part some of the fear and anxiety immensely.

Uncomfortable on dentist chair
Occasionally the dentist chair may not be comfortable. If you feel that you are  uncomfortable, it is in your best interest that you ask the dentist to make the necessary chair adjustments so that you can feel more at ease and relaxed.

Today’s dental chairs have come a long way from back in the day when it was truly more of a nightmare to climb into one. They offer numerous adjustments that seem to be able to accommodate the largest individuals down to the very smallest..

Dentists are Ominous
Some people may think that dentists are ominous and that they lack a sense of humor. An article in the European Journal stated clear that humor and empathy are the best factor to help to eliminate dental phobias and fear. Most of the psychological difficulties can be broken with humor and this can the achieved if both the patient and the dentist come to the plate and together make efforts to share some thoughts that  could offer some levity or at least a common ground to reduce any tension. This will in all likelihood improve the well being of the patient and stimulate a pleasant relaxing atmosphere.

Fear of loud noises
Much of the equipment that is used by the dentist can be noisy. This noise can instill fear on the patient. A unique way of dealing with this type of situation is to try wearing earplugs or asking the dentist if it is okay that you wear headphones during the procedure in order to prevent or eliminate the noise that is often associated with the pain or fear..

Unable to breathe through the nose
If you are a mouth breather and you fear that you will find it hard to breath when the dentist is busy working on your mouth, worry no more for now there are nasal strips like the ones you see advertised on TV for persons that snore that can be worn on your nose to aid you in breathing.

Fear of dental equipment
For Many, the scariest part of visiting a dentist is having those sharp, strange, metallic tools in you mouth. For you to overcome this fear you might want to ask the dentist if you can try holding the some of the equipment. By doing this you will teach your brain that you are master over these tools and that they will not harm you. By doing this, it will surely help you gain the courage to go to your West Palm Beach dentist if you live in the Palm Beaches and most of the general fear that you have been holding on to should disappear.

Make a concerted effort in employing some of these tips and you will definitely reduce your fears and phobias of going to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned. Keep these tips in mind, get to the dentist at least twice annually for cleanings, and you will have NO FEARS about showing off your pearly whites to anyone.