Are You Grinding Your Teeth At Night?

One of the most common dental concerns today is Bruxism. This nasty sounding condition is the act of grinding the teeth. An individual may have Bruxism and not even realize it, until their teeth start to decline and are in need of repair. For some grinding or gnashing the teeth is an act done in their sleep, yet for others it is an around the clock everyday activity.

Bruxism Can Start Early On

Many children suffer from Bruxism but tend to grow out of it before they hit their teen years. Some are not so lucky and carry the condition into their adult lives. Along with those who snore, teeth grinders quite often have unhappy bed partners. Just as with snoring, if willing to take the effort there is an answer for the problem.

With Bruxism a mouth guard can be worn to prevent the noisome sound of teeth grinding. The best way to put an abrupt halt to this condition is to visit a dentist as soon as the problem is detected. As with many other medical conditions, there are usually options to aid in prevention and healing. If suffering from Bruxism the best thing to do is have an oral checkup and consult with a dentist about getting a prosthetic dental device known as a mouth guard or splint.

What Can I Do To Prevent It From Getting Worse?

Most dentists can make a soft plastic mouth guard that is custom fitted to a patients mouth and teeth contours. These devices are not as highly recommended as the splint mouth piece is. The reason the splint is preferred by more patients and dentists is because it is less likely to become dislodged, and because it is made with a firmer material that offers a better overall fit.


Some patients have discovered that the soft plastic mouth guards did little to help them with teeth grinding. Many patients have even reported that their symptoms worsened after wearing the softer plastic guards. Since people are so different from each other, the type of mouth guard that they prefer will vary.

People with a serious case of Bruxism may get more benefit from the acrylic splint because of it being more durable. Regardless of what type of mouth piece works best for a patient, wearing one helps to prevent issues with the teeth and jaw. People that have had issues with moderate to severe teeth grinding will have telltale signs in their mouths.

What Happens If It Continues To Worsen?

The protective enamel on the teeth will become worn after months of steady grinding. Teeth can become flattened, misshaped and misaligned, and even lost as a result of Bruxism. Tiny to large tooth fractures are also a symptom of severe teeth grinding. Excessive grinding of the teeth leads to more than just visible signs; it also leads to improper and painful chewing of food.

Additionally, sore jaw muscles, earaches, headaches, and other symptoms can emerge from grinding the teeth. Many of the symptoms that are invisible can be corrected through determining the cause of Bruxism. Quite often it is related to stress so patients can try to eliminate stress before bedtime. Day time grinding can be helped by holding the tongue and jaw in a certain position to eliminate this awful habit/condition.

A lot of the symptoms such as loss of enamel, flattened and misaligned teeth can be corrected by a dentist. Dentists often use overlays and crowns to correct these long term symptoms of teeth grinding. Though there are many solutions to the symptoms of Bruxism, correcting the behavior is obviously going to be the number one solution. For More information regarding Bruxism please visit us at our website; Premier Dentistry of Stuart

Residents of Stuart Florida have discovered there is hope for their teeth grinding issues. By scheduling an oral health examination before the symptoms get out of hand, many have prevented expensive and time consuming dental treatments. Through the use of a grinding guard, learning stress relieving techniques and regular visits to  Premier Dentistry of Jupiter or Premier Dentistry of Stuart, teeth grinding is fast becoming a thing of a past for many patients.


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