Dental Care and Teen Sports

Dental Care and Teen SportsA studied dental implant specialist in Stuart FL, any where in Florida can restore your smile. You recognize that sadly, when your kid’s baseball trainer asked him to use his mouth guard his mind was miles away. So he went off to the meet with the protective equipment in his bag where it wouldn’t help at all. As it turns out his team mates packed on a lot of muscular tissue over the summer season.


When the meet began your son got hit. To make an often well known story short, an elbow whacked him in his mouth and two of his lower teeth got knocked out. They may have been able to re-implant the teeth if another team mate wouldn’t have stepped on them. Yikes! It was horrible. This otherwise typical part of summer fun instantly became a huge ordeal.


There was blood loss, condemning and tensions all around. In the end everyone involved realized that contact sports are usually never minus dangers. There was absolutely nothing left to do but go to Emergency. The attending physician stitched the gums after getting rid of little fragments of debris from the area that was hit. The radiology division took x-rays of the lower jaw as well as the face. The resident looked at the films and said that he didn’t assume there were any other broken bones. Your child was offered anti-biotics and then sent home.


Even though the injury did not create any kind of additional health threat there was still negative psychological impact. You could not take a look at him without wincing as well as his dad whispered talk regarding finishing his ball career. Your son became a hermit canceling all social calls that he normally would have been eagerly preoccupied with. Each family member became morose. The summer was practically destroyed.


Well after the mouth injury recovered there was this gap between the teeth to deal with prior to the many crucial social occasions of high school as well as  the school’s commencement. Modern dental care to the rescue. Thankfully the family’s dental practitioner was able to work your kid in and plan for an implant surgery to bridge the newly created gap in his bottom teeth.


It takes 2 standard treatments following the first appointment. The first visit enables the implantation of posts (screws) which will fasten the fabricated teeth in position. The second appointment permits the dental practitioner to check the healing and then fasten the new teeth. The entire process is relatively fast. The smile that had faced the very first day of high school for so many years was once again restored. So was your child’s love of sports.


The initial step in any type of sporting events has to be taking all safety precautions seriously. Mouth guards and chin straps offer a great deal of security from face injuries. The second step required is for parents, instructors and also coaches is to readily apply policies needing making use of safety gear.


The final step is to keep your dental restoration expert’s emergency contact number around and hope that you never have to utilize it. VisitOur Site to see fixes to this and other difficult dental scenarios. Be sure to fix smile issues before they become confidence killing features.

Are Tooth Implants A New Age Teeth Replacement Miracle Or A Problem Down The Road?

A person’s teeth are designed to last a lifetime. For many people nonetheless, lost teeth often can become a real worry. People missing at least a single tooth can now frequently be seen between twenty and thirty years of age. This scenario worsens for your older adults where some are found to have as many as five missing teeth.

dental implants image

You might have a difficult go of it chewing specific kinds of food types if you have lost any teeth. When your tooth is lost and not replaced it can instigate the loss of more original teeth. That is the reason you really ought to have a lost tooth replaced right away. recuperating teeth using implants can be an excellent option.

Why Cosmetic Dental Implants Are Considered The Ideal Solution

· Great Life Expectancy – Implants typically continue working for your entire life time. It’s the way that they’re built that makes sure they stay functioning this long, contrary to bridges which normally only last for five to 10 years. So for persons missing one or perhaps more of their teeth, obtaining dental implants is an amazing lifelong and cost effective option.

· Tooth Stabilization- Your nearby teeth frequently lose stability and begin to shift from the location they are in if your have lost a tooth. But, if you receive tooth implants, the adjacent teeth will be held in position, thereby limiting additional loss of teeth or shifting.

· Conserve the Jawbone- . Luckily tooth implants contribute to increased bone density, therefore aiding in maintaining a healthy bone level.

· No Cavities- Dental implants are made from titanium, which means they may not be susceptible to tooth rot. Furthermore, implants hardly put any force on the remainder of your teeth, which actually helps to prevent tooth erosion.

Deciding on a Dental Specialist to Perform the Procedure

Choosing the right cosmetic dentist could make or break a successful implant operation. Prior to making a decision on your upcoming implant procedure be sure to consider the following tips.


The background and knowledge of the dentist you decide upon must also be contemplated prior making any selection. Any possible difficulties should be dramatically reduced when you decide upon the right cosmetic dentist Jupiter that brings the most accumulation of training in this area of practice.


First off, you should ensure that your dentists in Jupiter FL are really specialists when it comes to implant surgery. Attaining a dentist skilled in prosthodontics ought to be the first item thought about as it’s the sole true field of dental expertise recognized for this style of endeavor. Beware of other doctors professing that they are specialists when they don’t have any expertise in this area.

For individuals missing a tooth, dental implants are the way to go. It is advisable to do your homework, learn everything you can about your practitioner’s education, background, and specialty of practice. Nonetheless, you want to be wise when selecting a surgeon which practices in restorative dentistry to make assured it’s going to be a success.

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Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

For many people, good oral hygiene is not enough to keep teeth white. Even the foods and beverages you consume every day can leave teeth dull, yellow, or discolored. You may have decided to try some form of teeth whitening/brightening, but want an approach that will not harm your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Home Remedies

The most popular home remedy for whitening teeth is baking soda. As it is an all-natural product, it is something anyone can use. If you replace your regular toothpaste with baking soda on an occasional basis, you will have whiter teeth. It will remove stains, so you have a bright smile.

Hydrogen peroxide is a second home remedy. It should be used sparingly, and with caution. You do not want to accidentally swallow peroxide.

Many other products used for home teeth whitening should be avoided. Not only are they toxic, they are also abrasive. If you use abrasive products, they can damage your teeth. Products meant to clean your home are not meant to be used on teeth.

Whitening Products You Can Buy

There are many products on the market for whitening teeth. Some are uncomfortable, and difficult to use. If you plan to purchase a product, ask your dentist for advice.

A safer, healthier option is a toothpaste that whitens teeth. It will have instructions on the label covering how, and how often, to use it.

Teeth Whitening At Your Dentist’s Office

When you practice good oral hygiene at home, brushing and flossing is the start to healthy, white teeth. A routine dental cleaning will remove plaque, tartar, and other residue that causes your teeth to appear dull.

However, you can also ask your dentist to whiten your teeth. If you choose this approach, you can expect your dentist to perform an examination before he selects the appropriate method. He needs to know the condition of your teeth, and how much whitening is necessary. He needs to know your dental and health history, any allergies you may have, and may take pictures or x-rays of your teeth.

One method involves applying a gel to the teeth. It is simple, painless, and safe. Your teeth can be up to ten shades whiter from this method. You can have the results you want from only one dental visit. The specific bleaching agent used for this process will be determined by your dentist.

How To Keep Your Teeth White

Whether you have not yet had a professional whitening, or wish to keep your teeth white after a whitening procedure, there are some steps you can take to keep your teeth bright and attractive.

While you should floss and brush your teeth regularly, and visit your dentist regularly, also avoid foods and beverages that discolor the teeth. Coffee, tea, and carbonated beverages are some common examples. If you use tobacco products, giving up the habit will help your teeth stay white.

White teeth and a bright smile are signs of good overall health. You will appear more youthful and attractive. If years of poor habits have caused your teeth to become yellow, stained, or dull, an appointment with your dentist is your first step to a nicer appearance.

You can always look your best. Daily home care, routine dental visits, and professional whitening will all result in beautiful, white teeth.

Tips on How to Overcome Dental Phobias and Fear

An estimated 80% of the world’s populations are afraid of the dentist. In some cases, you will find that for the most part, people do not go for regular check ups to maintain their gums and teeth; this is because they may be afraid and lack the courage to come face-to-face with the dentist.

Fear can definitely turn into phobia if you don’t respond to it; you must change your way of life and face it in order to thwart it and not allow for it to escalate. A phobia is an intense or absurd fear that is aroused by a specific object or situation, and can be heightened to a level where your life is restricted.

fear of dentist
Fear of the unknown
Many individuals are genuinely terrified by the name dentist, the word (injection) or the very chair itself. In order to deal with this kind of fear, doctors should first sit with their client and talk with them and if possible give them testimonies of individuals who they have dealt with in the past that have battled similar fears.

While talking to the client in the office the dentist should also make sure to leave the door to the room wide open as this may help the patient to deal with any claustrophobic fears. This is a simple technique, but can reduce in part some of the fear and anxiety immensely.

18th century dental chair

18th century dental chair

Uncomfortable on dentist chair
Occasionally the dentist chair may not be comfortable. If you feel that you are  uncomfortable, it is in your best interest that you ask the dentist to make the necessary chair adjustments so that you can feel more at ease and relaxed.

Today’s dental chairs have come a long way from back in the day when it was truly more of a nightmare to climb into one. They offer numerous adjustments that seem to be able to accommodate the largest individuals down to the very smallest..

Dentists are Ominous
Scary DentistSome people may think that dentists are ominous and that they lack a sense of humor. An article in the European Journal stated clear that humor and empathy are the best factor to help to eliminate dental phobias and fear. Most of the psychological difficulties can be broken with humor and this can the achieved if both the patient and the dentist come to the plate and together make efforts to share some thoughts that  could offer some levity or at least a common ground to reduce any tension. This will in all likelihood improve the well being of the patient and stimulate a pleasant relaxing atmosphere.

Fear of loud noises
Much of the equipment that is used by the dentist can be noisy. This noise can instill fear on the patient. A unique way of dealing with this type of situation is to try wearing earplugs or asking the dentist if it is okay that you wear headphones during the procedure in order to prevent or eliminate the noise that is often associated with the pain or fear..

Unable to breathe through the nose
If you are a mouth breather and you fear that you will find it hard to breath when the dentist is busy working on your mouth, worry no more for now there are nasal strips like the ones you see advertised on TV for persons that snore that can be worn on your nose to aid you in breathing.

Fear of dental equipment
dental toolsFor Many, the scariest part of visiting a dentist is having those sharp, strange, metallic tools in you mouth. For you to overcome this fear you might want to ask the dentist if you can try holding the some of the equipment. By doing this you will teach your brain that you are master over these tools and that they will not harm you. By doing this, it will surely help you gain the courage to go to your West Palm Beach dentist if you live in the Palm Beaches and most of the general fear that you have been holding on to should disappear.

Make a concerted effort in employing some of these tips and you will definitely reduce your fears and phobias of going to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned. Keep these tips in mind, get to the dentist at least twice annually for cleanings, and you will have NO FEARS about showing off your pearly whites to anyone.

How Dentists Can Help Your Children Live Better Lives

When the bills start piling up and life gets busy, many parents neglect to send their children to the dentist. Some parents who are struggling in life believe that dentistry for children is unimportant because baby teeth will eventually fall out. In reality, childhood is the most important time in a person’s life to start taking care of teeth.

Professional dentists of Premier Dentistry in West Palm Beach do much more than just clean a child’s teeth, working to ensure that teeth are coming in correctly and advising on future dental procedures. Without visiting the dentist, more than 40 percent of children will develop tooth decay by the time they start kindergarten. Below are some of the main reasons why it is so important to send your children to the dentist.

boy getting teeth cleaned
Preventing Tooth Decay

Even among some of the best kids, the reality is that many of them have poor oral hygiene habits. For this reason, it is especially important that children see a dentist on a regular basis to prevent these problems from occurring. When supplemented with regular brushing, dentistry for children can help to avoid the pain and discomfort of tooth decay. Since adult teeth last for a lifetime, getting through these formative years with a full set of healthy teeth is important.
Providing Information
Since most parents are not dentists, they generally have very little firsthand knowledge about caring for teeth. As a result, a professional dentist is needed to ensure that parents can make informed decisions about their child’s oral health. When adult teeth begin to emerge, they may become crowded or grow incorrectly. This could potentially leave your child having to endure life without a full set of teeth. In other cases, dentists may be able to detect mouth injuries that children have neglected to tell their parents about. Young children can also experience pain as either baby teeth or adult teeth start to come in. By visiting the dentist, parents can learn more about their child’s oral health to prevent future problems.
Advising Parents
In addition to information about their child’s oral health, parents also need advice for moving forward. Since braces can cost thousands of dollars, it is important to be sure that your child actually needs them before making the investment. A dentist may also be able to advise parents on less expensive procedures that could be done to save money. By taking X-rays, dentists can demonstrate to parents how adult teeth are projected to grow poorly or how internal problems may be going undetected.

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Should I Be Worried About Periodontal Disease?

bad gums and teethPeriodontal disease is a health problem that affects the gums and can eventually destroy the tissues around the teeth. If left untreated, this condition can lead to severe oral health problems and even the loss of teeth. Proper oral care is essential to maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Anyone who fails to care for the teeth and gums can develop periodontal disease. Certain individuals are at higher risk of developing problems due to various lifestyle choices and other health issues. These include:

– People who use tobacco products

– Individuals with certain illnesses such as diabetes, HIV or cancer

– Patients taking Dilantin, Procardia, Adalat and other medications that have an adverse effect on oral health

– Females with hormone fluctuations caused by puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and menopause

– People whose family health history includes dental disease

Health problem with the gums begin when bacteria is allowed to build up and form plaque on the teeth. If the plaque hardens, it forms tartar, which is harder to remove from the tooth’s surface. Flossing and brushing the teeth regularly, especially after meals, can eliminate plaque. Regular scheduled dental cleanings are important because only a dental professional can remove built up tartar on the teeth.

gingivitisThe bacteria in tartar and plaque attack the gums causing inflammation, known as gingivitis. This is the mildest form of gum disease and can be stopped with proper oral hygiene. Individuals who fail to receive treatment for gingivitis are at risk of developing periodontitis. When this happens, the gums begin to recede and spaces formed around the teeth become infected. The toxins in addition to the body’s immune system response erode the tissue and bone holding the teeth in place. Eventually the tissues are destroyed and the teeth become loose and fall out. In some cases, a periodontal abscess can form next to the tooth when the body’s immune system reacts to prevent the spread of infection.

Individuals can easily detect the signs of gum disease, which include the following symptoms:

– Gums that are inflamed and red

– Gums that bleed while brushing

– Gums that are receding away from the teeth

– Loose teeth

– Pain while chewing food

– Chronic bad breath

periodontal scalerTo treat gum disease, a dental professional will often use a method called scaling to remove tartar from the surface of teeth. This cleaning takes place both above and below the gum line. Root planing is a technique that eliminates rough areas on the root to prevent the accumulation of germs.

Dental professionals will often prescribe various medications to control the infection in the mouth. Antiseptics and antibiotics can eliminate bacteria while reducing the size of any periodontal pockets developing around the base of the teeth. Enzyme suppressants will eliminate those substances produced by the body’s immune system, which can attack gum tissue and cause it to break down.

Patients who continue to have symptoms after a dentist performs deep cleaning may have to undergo surgical treatment. Flap surgery involves making an incision in the gums to remove underlying tartar. Sutures hold the tissue in place during healing and the result is a tighter fit around the tooth and a reduction in the periodontal pocket. Tissue and bone grafts are necessary to promote growth when the patient experiences loss due to disease.

Before you let lack of oral care develop into something more serious and if you live in the area known as the Treasure Coast of Florida, be sure to call for an appointment with one of the dental experts at Family Dentistry of Stuart to have your teeth professionally cleaned. Cleanings are recommended twice annually and are followed by a thorough examination by the dentist for any signs of gum disease or other oral problems.

See what treatments the best Dentist West Palm Beach dentists have developed that are designed specifically to help you benefit from great oral health treatments so that you may steer clear from periodontal problems.

Are You Grinding Your Teeth At Night?

teeth and gumsOne of the most common dental concerns today is Bruxism. This nasty sounding condition is the act of grinding the teeth. An individual may have Bruxism and not even realize it, until their teeth start to decline and are in need of repair. For some grinding or gnashing the teeth is an act done in their sleep, yet for others it is an around the clock everyday activity.

Bruxism Can Start Early On

Many children suffer from Bruxism but tend to grow out of it before they hit their teen years. Some are not so lucky and carry the condition into their adult lives. Along with those who snore, teeth grinders quite often have unhappy bed partners. Just as with snoring, if willing to take the effort there is an answer for the problem.

With Bruxism a mouth guard can be worn to prevent the noisome sound of teeth grinding. The best way to put an abrupt halt to this condition is to visit a dentist as soon as the problem is detected. As with many other medical conditions, there are usually options to aid in prevention and healing. If suffering from Bruxism the best thing to do is have an oral checkup and consult with a dentist about getting a prosthetic dental device known as a mouth guard or splint.

What Can I Do To Prevent It From Getting Worse?

Most dentists can make a soft plastic mouth guard that is custom fitted to a patients mouth and teeth contours. These devices are not as highly recommended as the splint mouth piece is. The reason the splint is preferred by more patients and dentists is because it is less likely to become dislodged, and because it is made with a firmer material that offers a better overall fit.

Acrylic splint

Some patients have discovered that the soft plastic mouth guards did little to help them with teeth grinding. Many patients have even reported that their symptoms worsened after wearing the softer plastic guards. Since people are so different from each other, the type of mouth guard that they prefer will vary.

People with a serious case of Bruxism may get more benefit from the acrylic splint because of it being more durable. Regardless of what type of mouth piece works best for a patient, wearing one helps to prevent issues with the teeth and jaw. People that have had issues with moderate to severe teeth grinding will have telltale signs in their mouths.

What Happens If It Continues To Worsen?

The protective enamel on the teeth will become worn after months of steady grinding. Teeth can become flattened, misshaped and misaligned, and even lost as a result of Bruxism. Tiny to large tooth fractures are also a symptom of severe teeth grinding. Excessive grinding of the teeth leads to more than just visible signs; it also leads to improper and painful chewing of food.

Additionally, sore jaw muscles, earaches, headaches, and other symptoms can emerge from grinding the teeth. Many of the symptoms that are invisible can be corrected through determining the cause of Bruxism. Quite often it is related to stress so patients can try to eliminate stress before bedtime. Day time grinding can be helped by holding the tongue and jaw in a certain position to eliminate this awful habit/condition.

A lot of the symptoms such as loss of enamel, flattened and misaligned teeth can be corrected by a dentist. Dentists often use overlays and crowns to correct these long term symptoms of teeth grinding. Though there are many solutions to the symptoms of Bruxism, correcting the behavior is obviously going to be the number one solution. For More information regarding Bruxism please visit us at our website; Premier Dentistry of Stuart

Residents of Stuart Florida have discovered there is hope for their teeth grinding issues. By scheduling an oral health examination before the symptoms get out of hand, many have prevented expensive and time consuming dental treatments. Through the use of a grinding guard, learning stress relieving techniques and regular visits to  Premier Dentistry of Jupiter or Premier Dentistry of Stuart, teeth grinding is fast becoming a thing of a past for many patients.